Hello guys, in this section I will be posting videos on how to become a PRO! I've been playing Miscrits ever since it came out, so I know almost every little trick this game has, and I will share it with you here. Select one of the tabs up top that interests you. They will provide you with strategies on beating bosses, strategies on becoming a pro, and many more (hopefully). Check below what you would like to see, and click on it.

I'll teach you strategies and what you need to beat Apollo Nox! Keep in mind you will need to beat all of the Elementums first!

In this section, you will see a few videos on defeating all of the Elementums, and some tips here and there ;) 

 A 15 minute tutorial awaits you here on how to relic your miscrits, and which are the best relics to choose if you don't want to use Molten Coin or Frozen Coin.

This is an instructional video to teach you guys on how to become pro without exclusives. I have additional information along with it, made my Meraaj Foroughipour


Check out this section to see what is speed and how to use it.

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