Start off with watching this video, then check out what my friend has to say.

From here, all work goes to Meraaj Foroughipour

Now I shall begin with my tutorial so how you can create the ideal team.

Each Team usually requires and sniper with good speed a tank with massive defenses and a complete confuser or a confuser and a miscrit who can hit sleep or deepsleep.

First recommended Miscrit is Dark Elefauna

Thanks to his amazing stats he can be used as anything.

1st Miscrit- Dark Elefauna

Recommended relics if you have Molten coin and frozen coin is : MC FC cage(as a tank) or monks robe(as a hard hitter with decent HP)

Confuse immunity (so that confuse hitters especially exclusives wouldn't be able to kill it easily) or sleep immunity (vs. Dark Bubbles or Peepsie which are used first turn)

If you don't have Molten and frozen then these relic combinations are highly recommended: Mt. Gemma guards banner, Charcoal idol and last relic could be an immunity relic or any other one (emerald scales monk's robe is nice)

2nd Miscrit- Dark Salmindra or Dark Equestrion

Both have nice stats and have elite elemental attack. Dark Equesterion has both of his defenses as strong. While Dark Salamandria has strong HP to make up for his Moderate ED. Their skillset is similar though dark Salamandria might prevail due to his Confuse attack and 100% accuracy attack with an AP of 36.

Relics recommended for Dark Salamandria if you have MC FC is: MC FC forest guard banner, MC FC charcoal Idol, MC FC Emarld scales

Relics recommended for dark Salamandria if you don't have MC FC is:
Charcoal idol, Forest guard banner, emerald scales
Relics recommended for dark Equesterion if you have MC FC are: MC FC monks robe, MC FC emerald scales, MC FC Forest guard banner

If you don't have MC FC then : Monks robe, Mt. Gemma guard banner, Emerald scales.


3rd Miscrit- Dark Snortus

A Miscrit with perfect and devastating skillset and defenses

Relics recommended for Dark Snortus if you have MC FC are: MC FC Cage, MC FC Mt. Monk mountain Guard banner (the highest recommended combo for DSN) MC FC and obsidian lava.

If you don't have MC FC then: Cage, MMGB, Volcano guard banner.(highly recommended) 

4th Miscrit- Ignios or Light Blazebit

Both have good skillsets… but for Ignios you need to have nice defenses and nice hp.

Ignios is great because its final attack can wreak havoc, which can reduce opponents accurasy. This is deadly against miscrits like Mama, Peepsie, Freedom and others that have a repeating final attack.
Light Blazebit is also great because of complete confusion. putting the foe to confuse for 3 turns, and with elite attacks, you can take most miscrits down with those 3 blows.

Relics recommended if you have MC FC : MC FC monks robe, MC FC cage, MC FC emerald scales

Relics recommended if you don't have then : Mt. Gemma guard banner, emerald scales and forest guard banner

There are many other miscrits, which you could use. But for now this is what I can recommend.

Hope you like it.



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